some of the projects I am working on


channel black

Channel Black is a storytelling and media training program that develops the strategy, intervention, and spokesperson skills of social movement leaders and impacted communities. Our goal is to equip marginalized people with the tools and supports to develop and tell their own stories and have a say in how power and resources in the United States are distributed.

The work of Channel Black is crucial to building trust with the new American electorate. To have a fair discussion among more of us, we have to highlight the voices of a diverse, and often under-heard, population. Besieged by a landscape in which “fake news” and “alternative facts” have fomented suspicion and willful ignorance among a large sector of our population, we are aiming to back up our work with thoughtfulness and critical attention to the true forces that keep us divided.

We are diversifying the faces of people identified as experts and featured on television, radio, and in print media discussing and intervening on important and polarizing issues that impact marginalized communities. Visit the Channel Black website here.

I incubated this project at the Black Lives Matter Global Network in 2016 with support from the Movement for Black Lives. We are now housed at the Rockwood Leadership Institute.