Communications is essential

Here’s why: People with more power who want to maintain the status quo intentionally weaponize made-up narratives against people with less power. These dangerous and politically motivated narratives paint places and groups of people with a broad-brush stroke. We’ve see examples of this in immigration with the Trump administrations Muslim Ban, in over policing of low-income communities and education, among other pressing issues. Over the years, these narratives accumulate and begin to mimic culture, which policymakers and the media cherry-pick and exploit to win elections and gain even more power. These narratives are racialized stories that leave people fearful; not to mention, they reinforce ideas that keep rights, resources, and recognition out of reach for most people.

This is important because what we’re told and what we believe about people and places determines how we treat them—and those stories become woven into how we think and how we act. They determine how we vote and how we engage in the systems to which we are all bound.

Social movements and the organizations that strengthen them are working vigorously to deconstruct harmful and politically-motivated narratives. In doing so, we are relocating people’s perception and casting doubt on the dominant culture, changing the way people understand one another and our place in society.

At the center of this fight for justice and equality is a struggle for the redistribution of power from the few to the many. Undergirding that struggle are values that, when put into context and championed, clarify what your demands, the people or persons who can meet them, and by when.

Strategic communications is the connective tissue that bonds your values to your demands; it is a strategy to make your work visible and resonant to others; it is an expression of your individual, project, or organizational goals and vision. Strategic Communications is your approach to influencing your audience to act.

Strategic communications is a process, one that identifies the who, what, when, where, and how of your strategy to get from A to B. This process has several interconnected parts: narrative, story, movement building, culture work, social sciences, etc. For descriptions of each of these parts and insight on how they work together, check out Toward New Gravity, a report by The Narrative Initiative.

I partner with political activists, organizations, and influencers to develop meaningful communications strategies for engagement and growth.

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My communications services are customized to fit the needs of organizations, initiatives, campaigns, and individuals of most sizes and budgets. Consider the services below a proposed list, but one that is not exhaustive. We can mix and match—the options are limitless.

strategic communications

Communications Audit

Strategic Communications Planning

Content Creation and Planning

Evaluation strategies

Earned media

Radical Storytelling

Campaign communications

Event communications


Racial Equity

Sex, Sexuality, and gender

Spokesperson Training for Beginners

Advanced Spokesperson Training

Thought Leadership / public intellectualism

brand development

brand development for organizations

brand development for individuals

brand development for campaigns

It’s not unusual to feel confused about where to start with communications planning. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. If you want help ideating on where to start and deciding what strategy is best for you, email me.

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Lightbox Collaborative

Taja’s coalition

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Reframe mentorhsip

Transgender Law Center

Borealis Philanthropies

Open Society Foundation

Forward Together

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SisterSong Women of Color Collective

Southerners on New ground (SONG)

Movement Law Lab

Kairos Fellowship

Conservation Trust of North Carolina

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