About RadComms

The Radical Communicators (RadComms) Network was founded the day after the 2016 presidential election by Shanelle Matthews, long-time communications strategist and then Director of Communications for the Black Lives Matter Global Network. The Network has grown quickly, out of a desire for significant ideological intervention in the face of a perniciously changing political landscape and a large gap in our progressive movements of organized networks of communications experts. 

Members are communications directors, strategists, storytellers, digital professionals, politicos, earned media experts, behavior change scientists, and more; all committed to using innovation and cross-collaborative efforts to make significant ideological interventions and change the terms of the political debate between now and 2020. 



RadComms continues to evolve into a strong, field-wide community of practice for progressive communicators. In under two years, this group has rapidly become a source of critical inquiry and analysis of the practice of progressive communications and—most impressively—mutual aid. Through this network, bold ideas about the future of communications are beginning to emerge, and we believe we can transform our movements’ potential for winning.

From November 30 to December 3, 2017, our Network hosted its first gathering in San Diego, CA. Ninety members, roughly one third of our membership at the time of registration, attended #RadComms17. Members gathered for the first time in an Unconvening to strengthen the network, spark new collaborations, and bolster new ideas and strategies. We used a combination of self-organized meetings, trainings, panels, workshops, and an emphasis on innovation labs to build powerful relationships and lay the ground for ground-breaking initiatives. Here you can see a brief snapshot of Network collaborations and #RadComms17 conversations that will help us shift narrative strategies that tear down barriers to empathy and understanding and build radical and progressive voices in communities, legislatures, and executives offices.

If you're interested in joining the Network, please do so here