some of the projects I am working on


channel black

Channel Black is a storytelling and media training program that develops the strategy, intervention, and spokesperson skills of social movement leaders and impacted communities. Our goal is to equip marginalized people with the tools and supports to develop and tell their own stories and have a say in how power and resources in the United States are distributed.

The work of Channel Black is crucial to building trust with the new American electorate. To have a fair discussion among more of us, we have to highlight the voices of a diverse, and often under-heard, population. Besieged by a landscape in which “fake news” and “alternative facts” have fomented suspicion and willful ignorance among a large sector of our population, we are aiming to back up our work with thoughtfulness and critical attention to the true forces that keep us divided.

We are diversifying the faces of people identified as experts and featured on television, radio, and in print media discussing and intervening on important and polarizing issues that impact marginalized communities. Visit the Channel Black website here.

I incubated this project at the Black Lives Matter Global Network in 2016 with support from the Movement for Black Lives. We are now housed at the Rockwood Leadership Institute.

2018-2019 Gural Scholars, professors, and faculty director

2018-2019 Gural Scholars, professors, and faculty director

Critical Theory and Social Justice

I teach incoming freshman at The New School, a university in Manhattan in a foundational course that provides first-year students with an introduction to critical theory, social justice principles and the history of social justice in NYC with an emphasis on race, class, gender, sexuality, and power. During this year-long course, students develop a habit of critical and self-reflection on the questions that challenge society and develop an awareness of the multiple forms and interlocking nature of oppression. Through course readings, dialogue, guest speakers, excursions, and course assignments, students deepen their understanding of creating and sustaining positive social change.



the radical communicators network

The Radical Communicators Network (RadComms) is an association of social impact communications professionals working across geography, discipline, and issue areas to organize people into social movements and to demonstrate, through communications, how everyday people create conditions that make life better for all of us, not just the elite few.

We are politicos, digital strategists, communications directors, researchers, social scientists, and program developers who are building narrative power and creating meaning for people by breaking down complex issues and systems through language and images.

RadComms is also creating new strategies and collaborations for social change communications as a field. With more than 600 members, we have access to a wealth of expertise across disciplines. Each month, we organize #RadSessions, peer-to-peer learning opportunities that range in topics from Podcasting 101 to Design for Communications and Philanthropy, too. We have created a community of practice by teaching each other and struggling with challenging concepts and ideas, with the goal of expanding our collective skills into service communities whose needs often go unmet by government.

As a cohort, we are committed to using innovation and collaboration to change the way people living in America think about, discuss, and act on immigrant justice, access to essential social services like cash assistance and universal basic income, and reproductive justice, among other justice-centered issues, to place power where it belongs: in the hands of the people.

Next, we are working to put you in touch with committed and talented communications professionals in your area who don’t choose between principles and strategy. In early 2019, we’ll launch a searchable database of communications strategists and other consultants who can help you, your organization, or your campaign do your best work.

Check out for more information and to join us in our effort to create meaning through language, stories, and ideas that bring justice and democracy within reach.

I founded this network in 2016 and administer and develop strategy for it alongside the RadComms leadership team.


reproductive justice advocates


Sometimes you get really lucky and get to work alongside your very best friends. Reproductive Justice Advocates (RJA) is a team of friends and consultants who care about reproductive health, rights, and justice and believe that people, no matter how much money they have or what they look like, deserve to decide when, where, and with whom to have a family. RJA has been working together for more than seven years and collaborates on policy, communications, and organizing projects. Right now, we are working on decriminalizing and normalizing self-managed abortion – when a person decides to end their pregnancy at their convenience and without a licensed medical provider. To learn more about self-managed abortion visit


Copy of design, strategy & culture. (4).png

culture society

Culture Society is a design + communications shop that builds strategies for social good.

We partner with political activists, organizations, and influencers to develop meaningful strategies for engagement and growth and don’t choose between our principles and our strategy. By giving partners direction and hands-on support, we grow alongside you on your communications + design expedition.

At Culture Society, we believe organizations are more than the sum of their parts—that people working to bring dignity and democracy within reach for more people should have (and understand) their options in communications + design and be given custom-tailored support by experienced people. Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, we want to work with you to design strategies and visuals that inspire and connect.

We believe in brand strategies for social good that are responsive to the needs of the people. To partner with us or learn more about how we can serve you, visit

I am a the Chief Strategist at Culture Society and my other half is Fresco Steez, Chief Creator.

ReFrame 2018, Albuquerque, NM

ReFrame 2018, Albuquerque, NM



ReFrame envisions a world where marginalized communities have the power to shape meaning and material conditions towards justice. Achieving this vision for racial, gender, economic and climate justice requires social movements to work collaboratively to change dominant narratives, lift up shared values and advance visionary solutions. ReFrame is building a new generation of strategic communicators along with the movement infrastructure necessary to craft winning narratives that make social justice “common sense.”

At its core, mentoring is about building relationships and trust with people. And because mentorship moves in two directions, as a ReFrame mentor, I get to provide brass tacks skills to new and talented communications professionals, and I also get to learn new and innovative strategies from my mentees, which makes my time with ReFrame that much more rewarding. There is no one size fits all approach to mentoring, but whether you’re mentoring or being mentored, at ReFrame, you’re guaranteed to walk away more connected and skilled.


Black Feminist Future

Black Feminist Future is an initiative informed by the legacy of Black feminist organizing, grounded in the current pulse of movements, and located at the emergent need to amplify the power of Black women and girls in organizing and building power for the 21st century.